We believe everyone deserves to eat delicious food, be nourished and feel great!

100% Plant-based prepared with 100% Love.

Our food is centered around fresh whole vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds; that’s all!

We choose only the healthiest oils and use them sparingly.

We source locally from our amazing Tennessee agriculture as much as possible, because they provide the freshest most diverse produce.

Why not the ‘V’ word?  We feel the dietary term Vegan can imply an ethical ideology that can be polarizing and therefore limiting.

Although we fully support all compassionate eaters and our kitchen is free from meat, eggs and dairy, our focus is on health promoting foods.

Gluten-sensitive – our gluten-sensitive selections are intended for folks who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons.  We have some gluten-containing ingredients in our kitchen and cannot guarantee cross contact will not occur.  If you have Celiac disease please inquire for special preparation.

Our Packaging – We care about what your food comes in contact with and select only non toxic packaging from renewable sources.


Our menu changes daily reflecting the season and availability from local farms. These are the meals we prepare.  The composition stays the same, but the ingredients and flavors change.

711 Irwin St
Knoxville, Tennessee
Located inside the lobby of
The Glowing Body Yoga Studio

(865) 229-6899