Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to eat delicious food, be nourished and feel great! 100% Plant-based food prepared with 100% Love.

Our food is centered around fresh whole vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and that’s all! We choose only the healthiest oils and use them sparingly.

We source locally from our small, diverse Tennessee agriculture as much as possible, because they provide the freshest most nutritionally vibrant produce.

Why not the ‘V’ word? We believe the term Vegan can imply an ethical ideology that can be polarizing and therefore limiting. Although we fully support all compassionate eaters and our kitchen free from meat, eggs and dairy; our focus is on health promoting foods.

We care about what your food comes into contact with and select only non-toxic packaging from renewable sources. We will continue to strive to reduce waste and research the best options the market offers. We recycle waste from our business and compost all food trimmings.

We are passionate about creating a community space that encourages wellness, provides a forum for eating as self-care and inspires you to cook more.

We are dedicated to sharing resources that give science-based nutrition information and teaching skills to cook delicious and nourishing food.

We understand time starved schedules and the need to outsource meal preparation is the modern lifestyle. We want to be part of a new initiative in the food service industry to provide services that prioritize health and convenience for everyday food.

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