When can I place my order?

We update our  menu every Thursday at 5pm for the following week’s pick-up options.  Boxes will become available to order on the website at that time.

Why can't I pre-order or subscribe?

We are currently a very small operation and our production space limits our capacity to prepare orders.  We can only accept a limited amount of orders.

The good news is, we are working on a growth plan to expand our services!

Are you really sold out?!

Be Well Boxes typically sell out within 24hrs of opening for orders. A good problem for us to have, but we apologize for any frustration this may cause. We send an email to our subscribers and make social media posts on Instagram and Facebook to announce our menu and sales opening every Thursday by 5pm.

Why am I not receiving an email from Cook to be Well...I signed up?!

Check your email filters! Our email is coming from a mailing list platform and has a high chance of getting filtered to a spam, junk or trash folder. Search there for emails from Cook to be Well and relocate them to your prefered folder.

How can I use my Cook to be Well gift card?

Your gift cards are still valid towards any Be Well Box purchase.  Unfortunately our web platform can not process Square gift cards for online orders.  If you have a gift card you would like to apply towards a purchase please come to our store-front to process your purchase in person on a Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 3pm. Alternatively, send us an email  order@cooktobewell to arrange for accommodations.

Can you accommodate substitutions for allergies or dietary restrictions?

No, we can not accommodate substitutions at our current scale of operation.  We hope to offer more options when we grow in a new location.

Can you tell me the macronutrient breakdown for each menu item?

We do not calculate macronutrients for our menus.  Our meal kits include an assortment of fresh [locally sourced] vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, peas, legumes, nuts and seeds. A well planned Whole Food Plant-based diet will provide balanced nutrition based on current science for RDA (recommended daily allowance).

We understand when one is making significant dietary shifts, it can be helpful to track macros.  Our kit items are prepared fairly simply and can be calculated using a dietary tracking app if needed.  Our sauces have longer ingredient lists, but are from scratch, in house, using low or no oil.

I don’t know whether to order a half or full box. How many servings are there?

Our customer feedback reports a broad range of use for the Be Well Box.  Some use this as a supplement to an omnivore diet while some follow a plant-based diet. Individuals also vary greatly in caloric requirements.  Some families share the preparations with children as a way to introduce new foods.  

We estimate using the Half Box kit to build plant-based bowls will yield 6+ meals in addition to the soup, salad, breakfast and treat for a total of about 10+ meals.

A Full Box estimates 12+ bowls and a total of 20+ meals

This is an average cost of around $9 per meal.

Keep in mind the number of meals will vary depending on individual needs.