Our menu changes daily reflecting the season and availability from local farms. These are the meals we prepare.  The composition stays the same, but the ingredients and flavors change.

Buddha Bowls

A big round bowl for a happy belly!

Buddha bowls are plant-based meals consisting of portions of several different preparations.

Our  bowls begin with a whole grain, bean, legume or starchy vegetable, like quinoa, chickpeas, lentils or sweet potatoes. We add two more vegetables and greens (because we’re always needing ways to get more of these!) and bring it all together with a great sauce.

Big Salads

Fills you up! Never boring!

Cook to be Well salads are designed to be enjoyed as a full entree.  We 💚Salad and think they should have vibrant flavors, be loaded with nutrients and keep you full!  We create combinations that include leafy greens, lots of veggies and a hearty whole grain, bean or starchy vegetable component, all complimented by a killer dressing.


Seasonal, sometimes tastes indulgent, always light on your digestion

We have a few tricks up our sleeves for making soups that feel rich and comforting while being easy on your digestion and deeply nourishing.  We make our own flavorful broths and always feature vegetables at the height of their season.


Littles bites, just enough to hit the spot

We prepare an assortment of side items that have become regular go-to quick bites. Healthy in a hurry? We’ve got your back.  Chickpea salad with grapes and creamy miso dressing, legit hummus, golden milk overnight oats or whatever strikes our farm market fancy!

A little bit sweet

It’s all good

We love bite sized bits of joy, sweetened with wholesome ingredients like dates, bananas and maple.  Sometimes gluten-free and sometimes baked with heirloom spelt, we choose our ingredients carefully, so you can enjoy with no guilt…it’s ALL good!