The Be Well Box

This is how you would cook for yourself…if you had  farm direct produce, mad cooking skills, and solid nutrition information. Maybe you have all those things, but don’t have TIME!

The Be Well Box is a fully prepared assortment of  Plant-based meal components curated for mix and match meals.

  • Locally sourced produce
  • Small batch preparation using healthy cooking techniques
  • Creative and delicious!

Use the preparations to create your own plant based meals, as a supplement to an omnivore diet (because we all need more vegetables), or just eat it cold out of the container…we don’t judge.

Logo for the Be Well Box by Cook To Be Well

100% plant based, prepared with 100% Love
Small Batch – Locally Sourced Produce
Free from refined ingredients

The Be Well Box is available for full and half size ordering options:

1 Soup / Stew

24 oz. = 2 to 3 servings

The Big Salad

Full Box: 2 entree-size salads (or as 4 side salads)  / Half Box: 1 entree-size salad (or as 2 side salads)

  • Local Greens
  • Starch (whole grain, bean, pea, lentil, or potato)
  • Veggies (mixed preparation, raw, or cooked)
  • House-Made Dressing

Buddha Bowl Kit:

Full Box (32oz containers) or Half Box (16oz containers)

  • 1  Whole grain preparation
  • 1  Bean or Veggie Burger preparation
  • 1  Starchy Vegetable preparation
  • 2  Vegetable preparations
  • 1  Dark Leafy Greens
  • 2  ‘Just add Plants’ Sauces (8 oz full box, 4 oz half box)

Integrate these preparations towards other meals or prepare into buddha bowls  providing 12+ bowls for Full Box order or 6+ bowls for Half Box order.

Fresh Start 

Full Box: 4 servings / Half Box: 2 servings
Breakfast Dish

A Little Bit Sweet

Full Box: 4 servings / Half Box: 2 servings
A Wholesome Treat

Full Box: $186

recommended for two people
(provides approx. 20 meals)

Half Box: $98

recommended for one person
(provides approx. 10 meals)

How to order:

Weekly Menu will be posted every Friday for the following week pick-up

Pick-Up Days:

Mondays between 9:00am – 3:00pmThursdays between 9:00am – 3:00pm

Order Deadlines:

Order by 9:00am Sunday for MondayOrder by 9:00am Wednesday for Thursday

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